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Kneight Riduz - Tha Undaland [Re-Issue]
1. Intro
2. Wicked Kneights
3. Draggin Korpsez
4. Dinner 4 Krowz
5. Redrum
6. Drop The Bomb
7. Monsta Jam
8. Dark City
9. Hot Heat (Feat. Krayzie Bone)
10. Kneight Riduz Xpress
11. Here We Come (Feat. Krayzie Bone)
12. Bloody Murder [Skit]
13. Kneight Riduz Wuz Here
Timmy StaxXx - Who Am I [EP]

01. Reinvest [Prod by. Sez On The Beat of Stunnah Beatz]
02. Inner Thoughts [Prod by. Robert Tar]
03. Struggle [Prod by. Robert Tar]
04. Lane Switch [Prod by. Oso of Stunnah Beatz]
05. Me & My Bong (Feat. Nate Dubb & Logik) [Prod By. A.A.C.]
06. Life Around Me [Prod by. Yondo]
07. The Feelings [Prod By. Jammy x Tommy Jane]
Acoustica Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio (v9b700)

A Complete Recording Studio

Record an unlimited number of audio and virtual instrument tracks, edit, crop, and crossfade sounds effortlessly, add tons of effects and automation, and mix and master your project to WAV, MP3, and other formats.

Massive Loop Library

Mixcraft's massive loop library features over 7,500 professionally-produced loops, music beds, sound effects, and percussion samples, in a massive array of genres. Infinitely broaden your sound palette with built-in browsing and import functions.

Live Performance

Mixcraft's Performance Panel offers incredible features for live performance and loop-based composition, rivaling the best DAWs on the market. Trigger audio and MIDI loops with a Launchpad, MIDI controller, or even your typing keyboard. Record directly to slots, and make real-time edits to sounds mid-performance.

MIDI Scoring and Editing

Compose and edit performances with Mixcraft's powerful piano roll editor, notation editor, and step editor views. Create tempo-synced MIDI automation with Mixcraft's powerful new automation tools, and use the new Step Recording feature to create perfect MIDI patterns.

Instruments and Effects

Mixcraft's suite of effects and instruments is unrivaled, featuring a massive library of sampled instruments, powerful samplers, authentic emulations of classic synthesizers, electric pianos, rock organs, and a massive suite of ToneBoosters reverbs, compressors, filters, equalizers, and other effects.

Mixcraft Pro Studio is packed with over $1300 worth of additional plug-ins, including Voltage Modular Ignite, Melodyne Essentials, iZotope Mastering Essentials, Pianissimo Grand Piano, incredible effects and instruments from ToneBoosters, G-Sonique, Applied Acoustics, Memorymoon, Cherry Audio, and so much more!

Advanced Routing and Control

Mixcraft is packed with routing and control features, including nested submixes, track grouping, output tracks, native sidechaining, advanced MIDI routing, and so much more.

Mixcraft offers support for a vast array of hardware control surfaces, including Mackie Control-compatible mixing boards and Novation’s Launchpad.

Mixing and Mastering

View and edit multiple parameters simultaneously with powerful lane and clip-based automation tools. Every sound features independent volume, pitch, and filter automation, and a master tempo track offers flexible tempo changes. Mixcraft 9's new curved automation and automation-editing features make it easier than ever to create the perfect mix.

Mixcraft's mixer is packed with power, with every mixer channel featuring overdrive, compression, parametric equalization, an oscilloscope, and a spectral analyzer.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 SP1, 8 or 10 (64 or 32-bit)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1.8 GHz Dual Core CPU (Quad Core or higher recommended)
  • Sound card, USB, or Firewire sound device
  • Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio requires Internet access for Voltage Modular Ignite and Melodyne activation.
  • Voltage Modular Ignite (included in Mixcraft Pro Studio) requires 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Mixcraft.
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Krayzie Bone - The Fixtape Vol. 1
01. DJ Ice Intro - Sweet Jane
02. Go Hard For My Money
03. They Don't Want None (Feat. Eazy E)
04. King Kong Remix (Feat. Cheek Da Freak)
05. Stay Down (Feat. Krayzie Bone; Akon; Noose; 4Sho)
06. Can't Get Out The Game
07. N.I.G.G.A. (Feat. 2pac)
09. Pay My Rent With This (Feat. Keef G)
10. Maybe It's Me
11. Mary Mary
12. Lil' Bit of Thug
13. You Bitch
14. Turbulent Times (Feat. Keef G; Lady of Rage)
15. I Must Be Dreaming (Kaymont)
16. Thug Brothas (Feat. Young Noble of The Outlawz)
17. What You Wanna Do (Feat. The Game)
18. Crooked Cops (Feat. Scarface)
19. Not That Average Thug
20. N.I.G.G.A. [ReMix] (Feat. 2Pac & Layzie Bone) *Bonus Track*
Hosted by DJ ICE
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